Kase 25mm Macro V2

May 5, 2020

Have you ever tried playing on a magnifying glass as a kid?
It is fun right? How about magnifying insects using your smartphone as an adult? 🙂

Kase 25mm Macro Lens V2 on iPhone 7

We love magnifying things, like insects or small flowers. It always amazes me everytime I see that are bigger than the usual, something that is not that visible to the human naked eye.

Sample output using an iPhone XR and Kase 25mm Macro Lens V2

With the Kase Macro lens, it is hard to notice whether this was shot on an iPhone or on a professional camera. The depth of field is simply stunning!

Here’s another photo using the Kase 25mm Macro Lens.

Another output using iPhone XR and Kase 25mm Macro Lens

Have you tried taking a photo on your phone using an external lens?


By: Mobile Filmmaking Philippines