Kase 65mm Telephoto V2

May 5, 2020

Most smartphone brands is now offering a dual or triple camera nowadays.
Your secondary lens is either Wide or Telephoto, with Kase you don’t have to upgrade your phone just to get that secondary lens.

Kase 65mm Telephoto V2 on iPhone 7

The king of portrait photography for smartphone!

Behind the scene photo of iPhone XR and Kase 65mm Telephoto V2

If you love taking pictures of a person, a toy or into food photography.
This is a highly recommended lens for you.

Sample output using iPhone XR and Kase 65mm Telephoto Lens

That depth of field or blurred background you see is not a camera feature of a smartphone. That is a real Bokeh and was achieved with the help of Kase 65mm Telephoto Lens. With the increase of focal lenght of your camera, it also increases the depth of field of your phone camera. In professional cameras, the higher the focal lenght, the shallower the depth of field. That is the same thing on smartphone.

By: Mobile Filmmaking Philippines