Kase 82mm Magnetic Star Burst Filter (Wolverine Series)

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Product Features:
Using this filter can make the point light source in the shooting screen emit a specific starburst effect, which is mostly used in night scenes, jewelry, lighting, art photography, astrophotography, etc.

The astral lens can be said to be a very historical filter, but the astral lens on the market now basically etches different vertical and horizontal stripes to make the bright spots in the picture produce a beam of light; the resulting beam is thin and Long, the light of this kind of wire harness is stiff and unnatural, and as long as there are many light spots in the picture, the picture will be horrible. The wire bundles are staggered and overlapped and the picture is messy and complicated. Such a star mirror is not the effect we want for shooting; so we developed this The short-line starlight mirror makes the light spots have a star-like effect. The starlight effect is natural and not too long. It embellishes the picture instead of overwhelming the guests; the little starlight allows you to shoot night scenes, portraits, art photography, etc. The scenes bring unlimited inspiration and creativity, making photography more fun through filters!

1. It can make the point-like light source of the screen present a specific starburst effect;
2. Suitable for night scenes, water surfaces, lights, portraits, astronomy and other scenes;
3. Magnetic suction type quick assembly and disassembly, one suction fit.
4. It can be superimposed with different types of filters to explore infinite possibilities.

1. When using the star lens, please adjust the best aperture according to the lens for shooting effect;
2. Rotate the starlight mirror, the effect of the starlight will rotate accordingly;
3. It can be used in superposition with different types of filters, such as the use of fantasy filters will have special effects;
4. If it is a fluorescent tube, a soft light bulb, or a light source with a soft light shade, the effect of starburst cannot be taken;
5. When shooting accessories, if auxiliary lighting is needed, the starburst effect can be captured only by lighting the accessories to create reflective points;
6. There are a lot of vertical and horizontal marks on the surface of the astral lens (the star effect is formed by these marks), so when wiping the lens, please pay attention to cleaning with air blowing and then gently wipe;
7. It can be used as a weak soft focus lens, and the net-like traces can have a blur effect.


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