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Kase Dream Filter:

The magnetic filter design is convenient and convenient regardless of disassembly or stacking. Avoid thread jamming and lens damage during lens installation.

When shooting portraits, many people hope that the effect of the photo will be hazy and dreamy, to cover up the fine wrinkles or acne on the face;

When shooting scenery or still life, we sometimes also consider adding some romantic and soft atmosphere to the scene, or making the image confusing and dreamy.

The card color fantasy magnetic filter can be used for daily portraits and commercial portraits/wedding photography. After using the card color fantasy filter, it can not only improve the image effect, but also mask facial defects (wrinkles, freckles, acne, acne on the skin) , Pores, etc.), you can also make the surrounding objects and light produce dazzling and dreamy special effects based on the original image. Greatly reduce the post-processing work. It is more able to shoot the blessings of divine light, just like the fairy feeling.

The skin of the character instantly beautifies, masks the facial defects of the character, and at the same time softens the light, increases the artistic effect of the photo, and produces a soft and dreamy atmosphere.

Under the illumination of the contour light, with the fantasy filter, you can shoot the blessing of the fairy light, just like the fairy feeling of the fairy.

The dreamlike soft effect will not change the sharpness of the image. The whole work instantly presents a dreamy and fresh feeling, modifies the acne on the face of the character, and whitens the skin with one click. At the same time, it can also soften the light, increase the artistic effect of the photo, and produce a small fresh and dreamy atmosphere.

Using the card color fantasy filter to shoot flowers, the dreamy soft light effect magically shows the unique texture and details of the flowers. They looked so real, but so ethereal, and the flowers floated dreamily in the air.

After using the card color dream filter, you can change the effect of atmospheric perspective to a certain extent, so that the scene has a hazy and soft effect. Scenery photography works without losing sharpness in the haze and clearness in the blur, adding some romantic and soft atmosphere to the scene .

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Dream Filter

Kase 77mm Dream Filter, Kase 82mm Dream Filter


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