Kase K100 Wolverine Master Kit

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Kase K100 Wolverine Master kit

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The Kase Wolverine Master kit 100mm is the ultimate way to start your Kase experience. Featuring the next gen K9 holder system, soft filter bag that holds up to 10 filters, and 5 Kase Wolverine 100mm system filters. Perfect for the professional or amateur photographer who wants to cover all bases.

Filters Included:

  • Wolverine 100x150mm SGND filter 0.9 (3 stop Soft Grad)
  • Wolverine 100x150mm SGND filter 1.2 (4 Stop Soft Grad)
  • Wolverine 100x150mm R-GND filter 0.9 (3 Stop Reverse Grad)
  • Wolverine 100x150mm ND filter ND64 (6 Stop ND)
  • Wolverine 100x150mm ND filter ND1000 (10 Stop ND)
  • Magnetic Circular Polariser


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