There is always an APP for that.

Apr 4, 2020

Do you still remember that tagline?

There are several apps now available in play store or app store that can be an alternative option for a physical device like camera or for editing software, and even live streaming with professional-like switcher.

Just like a video production tech booth!

Check out these following app alternatives you can use on your smartphone. Do note that some of the applications are paid apps and iOS exclusive.

Be a same day editor using only your phone.
“I don’t have professional camera”. That’s not an excuse anymore!
If you find Photoshop too complicated. This easy-to-use photo editing apps is for you.
Multi camera interview with text overlays? This Apps are capable of doing that!
We wanted a wacom intuos too! But this App will do the job for now.

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By: Mobile Filmmaking PH