Zhiyun Tech Philippines Launches Smooth X

May 5, 2020

Zhiyun Tech Global launches a new gimbal for smartphone.
A literally pocket size 2-axis gimbal that we can use for filming and vlogging

Direct camera controls to native phone camera via bluetooth

Now you can control your camera’s native control without touching your screen and it is compatible for iOS and Android devices.

Extendable arm for a wider perspective

Now, there’s no need to purchase a separate monopod just to extend your gimbal. That’s built-in monopod stick right there!

Instantly switch your phone from Portrait or Landscape view

We wanted our IG Stories and Facebook My day to look good too.

Zhiyun Tech Global announces that the suggested retail price will be at 59.99 USD. There are still no news about the actual pricing at the moment here in the philippines.

Meanwhile, you may follow their facebook page at Zhiyun Tech Philippines. to keep yourself posted about the new Smooth X.

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By: Mobile Filmmaking Philippines